The Heaven of the World Bali

The Heaven of the World Bali

Bali is known for Indonesian tourism, has many hidden attractions in it.This reason makes Bali very rarely empty of visitors. The attractions of this island is in the form of natural beauty in the form of white sand, lakes, mountains, and also vast stretches of rice fields.

Surely you as a traveler also want to feel the beauty of a vacation in Bali, right? A luxurious and elegant vacation is one of many people’s dreams. Of course, before you take a pleasant vacation, it’s good to know in advance what vacation objects are.

Apart from being visible in the arts and culture of all people, the attractiveness of Bali tourism lies and so natural. This island has white sand and waves that are very popular with many surfers. As you know, the island of Bali has a variety of interesting objects to spoil the eyes.

Surely this place has a lot of activities and activities that you can try to fill your vacation time. The days will pass quickly when you spend them in Bali. Let’s just get to the topic this time!

turtle island tanjung benoa bali

Favorite Activities of Travelers Coming to Bali

There are many activities that you can do while on vacation to the island of Bali. With a strategic geographical location, of course, travelers can do rafting or snorkeling in many places. Most of the tourist rides in Bali are water tourism.

Bali is also known as an area with a high level of the night world. You can find many nightclubs or places to drink alcohol there. Surely you can feel the excitement while enjoying the beauty that is there. While enjoying the holidays while drinking a glass of drink can make the mind calmer.

Pura Ulun Beratan river Bedugul In addition to the botanical gardens, Bedugul tourist attractions also offer the beauty of Bali’s natural attractions, namely lakes. This lake is called Lake Beratan and is very often used for pre-wedding photo locations in Bali by professional photographers. If you want to know more details about Lake Beratan tourist attractions, please click the link below!

For many travelers, it is incomplete if you take a vacation to Bali not to visit this one white sand. Pandawa Beach is a favorite place for many tourists to do snorkeling.

Types of Holidays When Visiting Bali

It’s incomplete when visiting Bali without going to some of these interesting places. Feel the pleasure that you have never felt before. Let go of fatigue and feel a surge in yourself.

  • Parasailing Tanjung Benoa
    The main location for the parasailing game in Bali, Parasailing is the activity of flying on the sea using a parachute. To be fly a parasailing umbrella, the parachute and then pulled by a speed boat. This makes Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua very suitable for beginner snorkeling locations. Besides the location is suitable for beginners, the price of snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is also very cheap.
  • Seawalker / Ocean Walker
    Seawalker rides are also known as ocean walkers or marine walks. Seawalker rides are activities to walk on the seabed using an airtight helmet. Seawalker games are preferred to tourists. but want to experience the beauty of the sea view firsthand.
  • Banana Boat rides
    A banana boat is a type of inflatable boat that looks like a banana. The activity of riding a banana boat is much preferred by tourists who have a vacation with their family, especially when on vacation with children. To move a rubber boat.
  • Tour to Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island
    Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island is the headland is a turtle captivity. Many turtles were born and hatched for observation back in nature

For rafting activities, you can go to the Telaga Waja river has a different river character from other rivers in Bali. Such as the Ayung river in Ubud and the Melangit river in Klungkung district. Telaga Waja River is located in the Karangasem district and offers the longest rafting route in Bali.

In addition to rafting on the Telaga river, you can also enjoy rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud. The beautiful view of the Ubud Ayung river is one of the charms of doing rafting here. Besides that, you can also calm down while tasting the delicious dishes provided by the manager.

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