the wonderful of dubai

The Wonderful of Dubai

Dubai is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for travelers. So wonderful of the towering buildings is a magnet for foreign tourists. Has approximately 16 interesting destinations that you can visit. It is very likely that the project will be worked on by Emirates and Flydubai to develop.

One aircraft likely has the same flight destination, namely popular destinations such as Bratislava, Istanbul, Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro. The enthusiasm given is very positive from the passengers, approximately 14 thousand tickets have been sold during the first week of operation.

In his press conference Tim Clark said “We have seen that there is such a high demand for travel routes from Europe and America to various destinations in South Asia”.

It can be seen that the partnership between the airlines has the power to revive the world of world tourism. This will offer a wider choice of destinations for tourists who wish to plan their trip.

mall dubai

Dubai Tourist Attractions You Can Visit

Dubai was ranked the world’s most visited city in 2019 for 5 consecutive years with 16.73 million visitors. Has many kinds of places that you can visit to pass the time. One of the main goals undertaken by travelers is to shop.

Apart from tourist attractions, Dubai also provides places that can be visited by travelers just to take pictures or see the scenery. Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this place. Let’s get straight to the discussion.

Dubai is a paradise for travelers to shop. Has many places to sell souvenirs such as gold, precious metals, and diamonds. You can walk while looking at the souvenirs being sold. One of the biggest malls it has in Dubai Mall.

The largest mall in Dubai has 1,200 shops selling everything from clothing, accessories, household goods to electronics. Not only shopping, but visitors also come here to watch the cinema, visit the indoor amusement park in the Sega Republic, play in Kidzania, and enjoy marine life at its iconic giant aquarium.

Surely spending time in Dubai feels fast. Apart from traveling, fun and cheerfulness will make you feel more at home and want to come back here.

Visit Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa, is a multi-purpose skyscraper located in Dubai, UAE. Apart from holding the record for being the tallest building in the world, this skyscraper is also the world’s tallest freestanding building. At over 2,716.5 feet, the building has more than 160 floors. In this building there are also hotels, luxury residences, offices, and so on.
Desert Safari

Dubai Tourist activity is always on the top of the agenda in desert safari. This activity provides a thrilling experience of approximately 20 minutes of dune bashing in a jeep, and over a very large sand dune. You can also enjoy a camping experience that includes quad bikes, camel riding, sand skiing, belly dance shows, BBQ, and drinks.

The Dubai Fountain is the highest performing fountain in the world, with great choreography. This fountain is uniquely crafted, and the designs created can be seen from a distance of nearly 30 km during the show. The Dubai Fountain sits in the middle of Lake Burj and is able to attract thousands of people. You can watch 6600 super lights, 25 color projectors, spectacular shows every night.

Palm Island

Dubai Palm Islands is a collection of 2 artificial islands, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. The Palm Jumeirah is the eighth wonder of the world in Dubai style, stretching 5 km to the Arabian Gulf, and is shaped like a date palm tree. The islands are made from reclaimed land and have been popular holiday destinations ever since.

Dubai Garden Glow is one of the most unique theme parks. This must-visit destination for travelers consists of the icones – Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Art park and The Glow Park. Some of the features that make it even more unique include Safari, and Happy forest. The park changes from an Art arena by day to a illuminated garden at night with 10 million energy-saving lamps.

The tourist attractions above are the 5 most recommended places for you. There, visitors can enjoy the view while chatting with your friends or relatives.