Our timetable: 8:30 Tennis.

Yes, we get going rather early to beat the summer heat. a little warm-up, then onto the courts! All levels of children participate equally, and different groups are created based on age and ability so that each child receives a customized approach.

10:00 Recuperation and second breakfast (we kindly ask parents prepare lunch box and bottle of water).

10.30 The fun starts now! Every week is unique from the next. Children's entertainment and education special programs are made by our staff! We read, perform, practice English, go to the beach, and play poolside water games in addition to painting and molding. We also play chess and monopoly. We contribute to the best childhood experiences!

13:00 It's time to head home.

By providing your child with a fun and encouraging environment in which to play one of the most thrilling sports in the world, sport camp is a great way to make sure they stay active, fit, and healthy over the summer.

Tennis is a great activity for kids since it allows them to have fun, make new friends, learn how to be independent and responsible, and simultaneously improve their social and teamwork abilities. And maybe most importantly, they avoid technology in favor of real life experiences.

This summer, we promise that your child will have a blast, get in great shape, pick up new skills, and meet friends.