Our Club

Our club's location in Toronto (Canada), just 100 meters from the lovely place for tennis players, enables our players to unwind after being under intense physical and emotional strain by spending time at the beach with their families and friends.



For more than twenty years, we have given our entire attention to the game and coaching. And we work extremely hard to elevate our players. We are extremely passionate about competitive play because we believe that winning without a battle lacks merit.


Professional Level

The player can accomplish the most audacious goals at a high professional level with consistent and thorough teamwork. Our coaches are leaders in their disciplines, and the accomplishments and official rankings of their athletes, which include the top 100 ATP and WTP players, attest to their professionalism.


We aim at individualized coaching based on in-depth assessments (including video analysis) of player specificity, the advantages and disadvantages, physical capabilities, and psychological profile, in addition to widely used but still crucial training strategies.

Tennis Center

Toronto Tennis Center has all the necessary tennis courts and amenities, which are essential to the training process.
€ 375.00 € 300.00 - Weekly price.

A monthly cost of €1000
We provide a rigorous practice regimen in the morning. designed for players who participate in national competitions or, without a doubt, who will become future ITF, ATP, or WTA members.